our company

IDS was established in 1995 in Brisbane as a distribution company selling PPE and workwear to local businesses. In 1998, with clients looking to get more economy from their investment, we began offering a glove recycling service. However, we soon discovered that normal commercial laundering techniques were highly damaging for these items, and unreliable for decontamination, so we set about finding a solution.

In 2001, our first cleaning and decontamination facility was established at Brendale in Brisbane and we set about refining our process through an extensive R&D program, which we continue with to this day. We always strive to ensure we are providing the most effective and economical service for our clients and ensure that our process keeps pace with new developments in PPE/PPC manufacturing and materials used.

In 2007, the decision was made to sell the safety products distribution business and Industrial Decontamination Services Pty Ltd became Australia's (and one of the world's) first stand-alone PPE decontamination business. A proven track record in this area of specialisation, has seen IDS grow from two staff to over 40 staff members and we now have facilities in Brisbane, Gladstone, Melbourne and Perth with plans for further expansion to provide complete national coverage. We also work with other businesses around the world to establish our services where they are needed.

While our business has been built around our core decontamination program, our services extend well beyond that into complete asset care and management. We assist clients with sourcing and procurement, warehousing and distribution, care and maintenance, and finally, destruction of items that reached the end of their useful lifespan. Our IDS Nannodeus database allows us to track every activity that happens to any given piece of PPE/PPC which means clients can always see in real time the current status of their entire PPE stock.

For peace of mind, and help with preserving and managing your protective investment, get in touch with IDS. 



our vision

Our vision is for IDS to become one of the world's leading authorities on complete lifecycle care and management of PPE/PPC assets. We will achieve this through proven results and by being a source of up-to-date knowledge for organisations seeking to get the best possible use from their equipment.

our mission

Our mission is to:

1. Provide users of PPE/PPC with the peace of mind of

knowing that the equipment that keeps them safe has been effectively decontaminated and is always in optimum condition; and

2. To provide the owners of PPE/PPC assets with a care and management program that allows them to manage these assets with the best possible outcomes in terms of economy, efficiency, and safety.

our team

Meet the people who ensure our clients are getting the best possible advice and service.

Chris Parmenter

Operations Manager - Western Region

Chris joined IDS in 2017 bringing with him over 15 years-experience in the safety and industrial supplies industry.
In addition to an exceptional product knowledge, Chris also has a high level of attention to detail when it comes to policy and procedures and an in-depth knowledge of inventory management and warehousing. This helps him not only run our Western Australian operation as efficiently as possible, but also have a direct understanding of the challenges our clients face in this area.

 Additional Qualifications: Cert IV in Leadership & Management


Scott McCrae

Operations Manager - Northern Region

Scott joined IDS in January 2017 bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience developed over 20 years in production and operations management across a range of industries.

Scott places a high emphasis on ensuring customers' operational needs are met within a process that always has customer and employee safety as its highest priority. His

goal is to streamline our northern operations to provide optimum service and support customers with superior product knowledge and open transparent communications.

Scott also has specialised training in staff management and development plus invests heavily in his own personal development to be a better manager of people.


Kevin King

Territory Sales Manager - Western Region

Kevin has been with IDS since February 2017 bringing with him the insights and knowledge gained from over 30 years in the PPE industry.

An effective communicator, Kevin's ability to understand customer issues and provide beneficial solutions is an asset to both IDS and our western clients.

His goal is to not only make IDS a leading brand name in the marketplace but also keep as many Aussie workers as possible safe by having clients implement our systems.


Sven Alder

Territory Sales Manager - Northern Region

Sven joined IDS in November 2016 bringing with him a proven track record developed over 20+ years of successfully meeting clients' needs in the waste and recycling industries.

His strong technical knowledge and ability to design tailored solutions is an asset to our Northern Region clients as he seeks to help them benefit from the full capacity of the services IDS can provide.

Additional Qualifications: Diploma of Management


Danny Staff

National Operations Manager

Danny has been with IDS since 2010 and has a total of over 20 years-experience in production and industrial operations.

Danny's role is not only to help

ensure our facilities are running efficiently and effectively, but to oversee the establishment of new facilities as the company expands. His experience in project management, concept and process design, and process management is vital within these roles.

Danny also contributes some very specialised knowledge when it comes to machinery installation and programming which are a vital part of our unique processes. He also plays a central role in our ongoing R & D program.


Ben Jones

Managing Director

Ben is the founder and driving force behind IDS. He originally identified the need for a better PPE cleaning and decontamination service in Australia and set about fulfilling that need. In the process IDS has grown from being a small supplier of PPE to the company it is today.

His goal is to continue building IDS into one of the world's foremost providers of PPE care, maintenance, and management services.


Joelyn Jones

Finance & Admin. Manager

Joelyn is a joint owner of the business and is the one who ensures the administration and finance functions are efficiently run. Her hard work ensures that our sales and operations teams can focus on their jobs and look after our clients to the best of their ability.
Jo is a qualified graphic artist and has over 23 years in her current role, and has become a skilled and experienced business administrator. 


how we work

Our methods, Our Procedures and Our


we discover

We work with you to find out about your specific challenges and requirements with regards to effectively and economically cleaning and managing PPE stock, taking into account the type of exposure, location, budget and turnaround times required.

we research

We develop a PPE complete lifecycle cleaning and management program that will deliver the results you need in terms of ensuring the well-being of your staff, and the cost-effective management of your PPE stock.

we kick off

We put all the necessary logistics, stock, and systems into place making the process of commencing your IDS complete lifecycle care and management program as seamless and easy as possible.

we conclude

We continuously monitor to ensure that the PPE care and management program we have in place is meeting your needs. If your needs change we have the flexibility to adapt quickly.